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National Automotive Chip Standards Issued to Boost Advancement
DaWo Law Firm and Chance Bridge Law Firm enter in a Strategic Cooperation
Tips for International Travelers: How to set up a Digital Wallet in China
Court denied unjustified TM Infringement Lawsuit
China accedes to the Hague Apostille Convention
Groundbreaking ceremony for the new factory of Domo in Haiyan
How to successfully recover debt in China?
DaWo Celebrates International Women’s Day 2023
Pointers for Returning Business Traveler
How to deal with the new Covid-19 measures in the workplace?
DaWo China Business Talk with Kris Van Goethem
What You Should Know about a Company Shutdown
Outbound tourism market opens for foreign-invested agencies!
Draft of PRC company law may affect FIE’s in transition period!
Updates on recent real estate market support policies
DaWo China Business Talk with Moore MS Advisory
How to write a valid testator-written Will?
The new school year may be good news for parents’ IIT exposure!
Notarized & Legalized Documents in Foreign-related Disputes
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
China’s New “Stamp Duty” Law
DaWo speaks with Prof. Xu Bo about Decarbonization and Shanghai
DaWo Hosts Sino Benelux Business Survey 2022 Event
Termination Notification or Departure Certificate?
SPC issued New Provisions on Personal Protection Order (Part 2)
Updates on Shanghai’s Consumers’ Rights & Interests
SPC issued New Provisions on Personal Protection Order (Part 1)
Cross-border Transfer of Personal Data – Security Assessment
Electric Mobility Around the World
Shanghai’s Average Salary Adjusted!
Event Recap: DaWo’s Frameworks on Employee Management!
Who dominates my account?
Are my electronic signatures reliable?
Cash flow crunch? Don’t forget this important refund!
More exemptions allowed to the “PU Letter”
When Bankruptcies meet International Challenges
Labor Issues Guide for Companies Resuming Work
Happy Dragon Boat Festival! 端午节安康!
Digital Contracting, E-Signatures and E-Invoices
Think twice before you post on your WeChat Moments!
Lowering your Rent during the Outbreak? (Part 2)
Lowering your Rent during the Outbreak? (Part 1)
Here’s what you need to know about salary during the pandemic!
Do you employ people in multiple locations? (Part 3)
Free Webinar: Employment Contracts in Lockdown
Disputes of Entrusting Others to Invest in Bitcoin (Part One)
Webinar: China’s Healthcare Market and its Evolutions
Webinar: China’s Personal Information Protection Law
Do you employ people in multiple locations? (Part 2)
Pudong Implements Market Entity Registration Confirmation System
The developer is bankrupt… What about my Mortgage?
Do you employ people in multiple locations?
Better keep your corporate information updated!
How secure is online shopping?
A “Will” Changed to “Devise”?
Have you experienced employment discrimination?
International Women’s Day at DaWo
Protect your design patents!
Compliance and Decoupling
So… you bought some masks?
New QR Code Regulations!
It’s Bonus Time! Right?
Cash is no longer king in China!
China Major E-Commerce Update
Unauthorized use of Olympic Symbols!
Notice to … Nowhere?
Happy Tiger Year! 虎年大吉!
Closing down your FIE?
Here come the guidelines for Blind Boxes!
Need collateral? This may be what you were waiting for!
DaWo’s 2021 Recap Video!
New Year gift from the State Council to Taxpayers in China!
DaWo goes improv’ with ZMACK!
Shanghai’s New Data Exchange
Best Wishes from DaWo Law Firm!
Pudong Launches Pilot Program for Quick Market Approval
New Guidance for Trademark Examination and Trials
Overseas food exporting enterprises: this new regulation of China Customs is likely to affect your exports to China
Parental Leave in Shanghai
Management of Foreign Employees
Benelux Chamber of Commerce celebrates 20th Anniversary!
RCEP will enter into force on January 1, 2022
Evidence from Alipay, WeChat and QQ email?
Upcoming events: legal trainings for consular officers and agents in china
Dangerous Fun?
Dawo Reading Club 2.5
New Additions to DaWo Legal Team
Draft anti-telecom network fraud law submitted
The PIPL is Effective!
Advertisement law can sometimes be about small things
DaWo Celebrating BELGIUM – CHINA 50 YEARS
China’s New Anti-Monopoly Law
Securing your Chinese Contracts while Borders are Closed
Playing Defense in a Malicious Trademark Lawsuit
Event on Individual Income Tax Policy and Employment of Foreigners
La responsabilité civile et pénale des étrangers en Chine (Presentation)
Mapping International Trade Disputes in China
Criminal Liability in China: How to stay out of trouble!
Philippe Snel presented with Silver Magnolia Award
Conferences – Evitons La Case Prison!
[Video] Contracting in our Digital World- Law and Fintech
Upcoming Event: DaWo Book Club
New Regulations on Market Entities Registration (Part II)
Philippe Snel Honored with 2021 Shanghai Magnolia Silver Award
Another Great RRR Event at DaWo
Administrative Regulations on the Registration of Market Entities (Part I)
Contracting in our Digital World- Law and Fintech (Presentation)
Contract Termination under the Civil Code
No more 9-9-6
Standard Clauses Under the Civil Code
Foreigners’ Estates in China
Facial Recognition gets a Face Lift
Social Security Update for Foreigners in Shanghai
Employees Well-being: Included in Work Safety Law
Tax Inspections are now subject to specific regulations
Networked Litigation
Electronic Employment Contracts
DaWo Academy – Junior Legal Summer Camp
New Energy Vehicle Wave
Travel Conditions from China to Benelux and Back to China
DaWo and the International Energy Transition Observatory
New China/EU IP Pilot Program
Da Wo Law Firm’s white paper on International Energy Transition
Transition énergétique – France 24
Energies renouvelables-(
Minimum Salary Changes in Shanghai
The Data Security Law and Recent Developments
Discover the new International Energy Transition Observatory!
100 years of the CPC – Philippe Snel was interviewed by Xinmin Newspaper
China marks a major milestone!
Stronger Protection for Minors
The Art of Li KunWu
Anti-foreign Sanction Law comes into effect
Join now: DaWo Academy Junior Legal Summer Camp (age 17-19)
A Makeup Problem
Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mérite – An Official article from the French Consulate
DaWo at the Chinese Academy of Social Science
No return or exchange for clearance items?
KU Leuven Alumni China Event at DaWo office
Philippe Snel attended the TinTin-Hergé Exhibition
DaWo Assists Adoptive Family with Reuniting in Europe
New Patent Law Strengthen IP Protection in China
Philippe Snel receives Ordre National du Mérite
Personal Information and Mobile Apps
The article Business Name Registration in China is published in a French newspaper
Philippe Snel, Founder of Sinnolabs presents Sinnolabs and the Twikit testimonial.
Legal representative in China
Q&A:Leases and the Lease Priority Right
The Great Golden Leopard Escape
100 years of the CPC- Philippe tells his story
100 years of the CPC- Philippe tells his story
The role of the lawyer as a partner in the HR management for companies
Liabilities for Foreign Executives
Liabilities for Foreign Executives
Business Name Registration in China
A Groundbreaking Event
New Regulations for Online Transactions
Social insurance for Foreigners in Shanghai
When to Speak Up?
Q&A:Getting Married in China
Say No to Sexual Harassment
Cybersecurity Compliance Concerns
Foreign Investment in China
20 Springs of the Benelux Chamber
International Women’s Day at DaWo #ChooseToChallenge
Another Exciting Whistleblowing Event
Shoppertainment creates business in and outside of China.
International Women’s Day at DaWo
‘Green Fashion’ L’industrie de la mode en Chine à l’heure du développement durable
CCI France Chine – Elections Shanghai 2021 – Hu Xing
Non-Compete in China
Tax impact for foreign taxpayers coming up soon  
Copyright in China
Football Stars’ Trouble
New Year’s Message from DaWo 
A Path to a Green Future?
Sustainability in China
DaWo Law Firm wishes you a Happy“Niú”Year!
What is the effect of Tech decoupling
China Amends Criminal Law on Intellectual Property
China zal de wereld niet koloniseren
Cybersecurity Speaking Engagements February 1 – 5
E-commerce: from legislation to market regulation 
2021: the year of the “bully”
Employment issues during COVID-19: Home for the Lunar New Year?
Don’t be Fooled!
Changes to the “Service System for Foreigners Working in China”
DaWo in 2020
China and EU: Ready to Launch a New Journey
DaWo Xmas
RRR: The Impact of Brexit on China’s Globalization Strategy (Presentation)
China-Poland Business Opportunities
Control of Personal Information
Marriage and Divorce in China
Investment Opportunity in Abu Dhabi (Presentation)
RRR: Avoid Personal Liabilities & Navigate the Evolving Landscape (Presentation)
Personal Information: Go International, Go Local
A 2nd Set of IIT Rules are Coming
Fudan Law Students Office Visit (Nov. 24th)
RRR: Avoid Personal Liabilities & Navigate the Evolving Landscape (Nov. 27th)
RRR: The Impact of Brexit on China’s Globalization Strategy (Dec. 11th)
DaWo at the CPPCC briefing
Busy November
Criminal Detention duration in China
Investment Opportunities in Abu Dhabi (Nov. 20th)
Get Answers From the Mayor of Shanghai’s
Do I have 7 days to return my 11.11 purchase for no reason?
Personal Information Gets Real
Bankruptcy in Europe
DaWo Academy Launches Two Legal Trainings (Dec. 4th/Dec. 18th)
Non-Shanghai Vehicle Plate Restrictions
DaWo Academy
3 Steps to a Trademark
Is your “Value Adjustment Mechanism” valid?
Electronic Chops
National Holiday Overtime Policies
RRR : Strategies to Navigate the Evolving Cyber & Data Landscape in China (Sept. 18th)
Debt Recovery Services
Sino Benelux Business Survey 2020 (Sept. 17th)
TikTok/WeChat situation
RRR-Strategies to Navigate the Evolving Cyber & Data Landscape in China (Presentation)
Technology and Anti-trust
DaWo at the 3E Fair (Sept. 12th & 13th)
All about Employment Contract with Maggie Jia
All about Trademark Registration with Jingjing Tong
All about Debt Recovery with Ying Fang
Similar Case Guidance: Back to the Future
Busy September at DaWo
DaWo Law Firm joins ISFIN
DaWo meets Tintin (Sept. 14th)
New Chinese rules could complicate a sale of TikTok’s US business
How does maternity leave work in Shanghai?
Anti-food waste campaign in Shanghai
Changes Coming for Foreign Invested Enterprises
Cat Videos and National Security
The effects of Covid-19 on the education sector (Aug. 25th)
DA WO helps client to recover its trademark from a hoarder
The Three colors of Hydrogen
Nathaniel Rushforth comments the TikTok/WeChat Saga
Power Lunch series -China legal update (Presentation)
Bankruptcy Q & A
PRC Criminal Law 101
DaWo Celebrates Belgium National Day
Power Lunch Webinar Series: Part III Hainan FTP: Step to the Future
Foreign firms ink investment deals worth $8b
How can foreigners sell their Shanghai real estate?
Civil Code Q&A: How can foreigners divorce in China?
Power Lunch Webinar Series: Part I From Business disruption to business adaptation
New Additions to DaWo Legal Team
Update on Shanghai Salaries: New Previous Year’s Averages
Lecture by DaWo Partner Dan Xu on IP in Higher Education
RSVP: Power Lunch Webinars – A Post COVID-19 Legal Update
A “magic” serum that can prevent Covid-19?
First Leiden Alumni China event
Do I have to make Social Security contributions?
Discover what inspires our interns. This is DaWo!
Let’s Get Personal
Hainan – Not your ordinary Free Trade Zone
Going green in China
Nieuwe Uitdaging bij… DaWo, Scott+Scott, BosseMeilink en HoyngDeMönnink
Blockchain in China is here to stay!
Wanted: Leiden University Alumni China!
We have three Leiden University Alumni at DaWo Law Firm
Meet our Interns
Are WeChat screenshots evidence in Court? Now they are!
Covid-19 – Guidelines for Employment & Contracts
Covid-19 – Commercial contracts
Employment Issues for those stuck outside China
DaWo Adds Legal Expertise to the
Carmen Bakas Joins the Firm
Personal Information Collection During the Outbreak
Covid-19 and Force Majeure
COVID-19 and Social Security Exemptions
WEBINAR : Back to Work – How to Deal with COVID-19 Anxiety
WEBINAR : COVID-19 – Exploring the Road to Recovery
Coronavirus Emergency Measures Legal Brief | Q & A 2
Coronavirus Emergency Measures Legal Brief | WeChat Group
Coronavirus Emergency Measures Legal Brief | Q & A 1
Coronavirus Emergency Measures Brief | Prevention & Control
Coronavirus Emergency Measures Legal Brief | YSK
Happy New Year 2020!
DaWo Managing Director Speaks on Trade Secrets at Global Lawyers Forum
China’s Crackdown on Bad-faith Trademark Registration
DaWo is on WeChat!
Change is Coming for Foreign Invested Companies
Trademark Enforcement Boost
Finally, Guidelines for Personal Information Protection
Another Tool in your IPR Toolbox: China’s Anti-Unfair Competition Law
VAT Reduced on April 1, 2019
Internet Advertisements Become the “Disaster Zone”
NOT Feeling Lucky: GOOGLE Fined $57 Million for GDPR Breach
China’s draft law on foreign investment: A first step towards full reciprocity?
Philippe Snel and Gan Wang to Speak at Bencham about Outbound Investment
On Your Marks, Get Set, Go
This Article Will Change Your Opinion in 5 Minutes or Less