Debt Recovery Platform

DaWo’s Debt Recovery Platform

Our new easy-to-use Debt Recovery Platform helps you to recover outstanding debts from both Chinese and foreign debtors.

After you complete our brief questionnaire, we’ll offer our expert advice on your case and, at your direction, a draft of a Lawyer’s Letter, signed and chopped.

This Lawyer’s Letter formally enables you to initiate your claim and to potentially take further legal action. If needed, we can also engage in negotiations with the debtor on your behalf.

2,500 CNY (excl VAT)



Fill our questionnaire and upload relevant documents and correspondences.


Our lawyers will review your case and provide an initial consultation.

2,500 CNY (excl VAT)



If applicable, we’ll write, sign, and stamp an official letter to start your claim.


After sending the letter, we’ll communicate with your debtor for a settlement plan.

Debt recovery refers to an attempt to collect payment of an outstanding bill. You can try to do this yourself, but it’s usually better to hire a third party to recover the payment on your behalf.

Resolving financial disputes is one of DaWo’s core competencies. Because of the international makeup of our legal team, we’ve acquired an unparalleled understanding of both European and Chinese debt recovery systems.

Step One: Using our platform, complete the questionnaire and upload the relevant documents. Please include anything related to the overdue invoices, such as contracts, purchase orders, shipping and transportation documents, bills of lading, invoices, receipts, and all relevant correspondence.

Step Two: DaWo will carefully review your case and get in touch with you within 72 hours for a consultation by phone or email. This consultation will clarify your chances of recovery and the next steps to take.

Step Three: At your direction, one of our lawyers will draft, sign, chop, and send a formal Lawyer’s Letter to the debtor requesting payment of all outstanding invoices.

Step Four: After we send the letter, at your direction, we will negotiate with the debtor regarding settlement of the unpaid amount, including terms of a payment plan, time of payment, and amount of payment.

The total service fee is 5,000 CNY + 10% of any recovered amount.

Steps one and two require prepayment of 2,500 CNY (excl VAT).

Step three requires a prepayment of 2,500 CNY (excl VAT).

After we reach a payment settlement, we’ll invoice you with an additional fee of 10 % of any recovered amount.

Why do I need a lawyer during my debt recovery process?

Law firms and their lawyers can assist you during the debt recovery process while avoiding direct communication between you and your debtor. We can help you collect evidence and make your claim in compliance with Chinese law.

How do I start my claim?

Sending a letter — via traditional or electronic mail, or both — is the first step to start your claim. It should be an official document signed by a lawyer and carrying the stamp of a law firm, like the one we provide.

Why should I negotiate?

Lawyers can negotiate with your debtor on your behalf throughout the recovery process. We can help you present evidence and attempt to come to an agreement with your debtor regarding a payment deadline and payment plan.

What if my debtor refuses to pay?

If the negotiation fails, and we do not reach an agreement with your debtor, you may choose to file the case for further legal proceedings.

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