DaWo in 2020

2020 was an unusual, troubling year. Looking back, while it brought many challenges and changes to DaWo, it also brought victories and opportunities worth acknowledging. With this article, we wanted to briefly note a few of the things we are proud of accomplishing during 2020.

1. New Year, New Space, New Connections
This year, DaWo expanded our office on the 20th Floor of Crystal Century Plaza. With a completely refurbished office, our workspace doubled in size. We also made a point of revamping our website and engaging with the public through an official WeChat account.

2. From Power Lunches to RRR Breakfasts
The stumbling restart of the global economy did not weaken the demand for legal services. If anything, the need was intensified. Now more than ever, business leaders and private citizens need reliable and seasoned legal advice in their corner. With that in mind, DaWo launched the Power Lunch Webinars and the in-person Risk Resilience Reputation Breakfast series, helping our network navigate an evolving legal landscape in China.

3. More Exposure, More Recognition
This past year, DaWo was the proud sponsor of many events, such as the Leiden Alumni China gathering, Belgian National Day celebration, 3E Fair, and the Shanghai Government Appreciation Dinner hosted by the European Chamber of Commerce. DaWo also became a member firm of the international network ISFIN, strengthening our global outlook.
Our law firm became increasingly recognized, as our colleagues published articles nationally and internationally, were quoted extensively in the media, and gave lectures at conferences and universities. Additionally, our legal training program for non-legal managers – DaWo Academy – had a soft launch this year, and we continued our partnership with Bencham Shanghai to assist BeNeLux businesses.

4. COVID-19 Employment Emergency Measurements WeChat Group
Perhaps our proudest accomplishment during 2020 was being among the first law firms, if not the first, in Shanghai to offer free, coordinated assistance to anybody impacted by COVID-19. We started the group in January, as soon as it became clear what was happening, and it ended up being a massively successful hub for connecting and supporting people during a difficult time.

All of that said, we return to the fact that 2020 was a challenging time for all of us. As we look towards this new year with renewed hope, DaWo Law Firm Shanghai would like to thank you for your support and wish you all the best. Here’s to the future!