Changes to the “Service System for Foreigners Working in China”

China has, for a number of years, sought to enhance its technical capabilities, and has pushed towards accomplishing a vast array of goals along those lines. In accordance with China’s national “Internet + government service” construction, the Ministry of Science and Technology has built a unified identity authentication system to achieve “one place registration, mutual recognition” and “one certification, application within the whole network”. At this point, administrative functions related to foreigners working China have been integrated into the service platform of the Ministry of Science and Technology. The following offers a brief walkthrough of the platform.

(1)Go to the service platform of the Ministry of Science and Technology at to log in.


(2)Users can use an old account username and password, then choose log in as a legal person. If there is a login problem, please first try with putting “WP” before the old account username (WP+old account user name), and then try to select a natural person to log in. If you still cannot log in, please follow the password retrieval process.

2.“Real-Name Authentication”

In order to complete the users’ information, after entering the system, and before starting an application, there will be a prompt to ask the user to complete the information and carry out “Real-Name Authentication”.

(1)A natural person must then upload personal information for Real-Name Authentication.

(2)The legal person shall also upload the company registration documents for Real-Name Authentication.

(3)The person in handling the application on behalf of the company must then upload any personal information required for Real-Name Authentication.


After completing the Real-Name Authentication process, and receiving approval from the platform, the user must log in again to complete applications related to the Work Permit for Foreigners in China.