DaWo Law Firm joins ISFIN

In today’s post-COVID world it is more important than ever to further invest and strengthen worldwide business connections. In this perspective Philippe Snel, Managing Director of DaWo Law Firm Shanghai, and Professor Laurent Marlière, CEO of ISFIN Emerging Markets Advisors, are thrilled to announce that they have established a strategic collaboration between their organizations. The collaboration aims to enhance the capabilities of both organizations to provide assistance to companies doing business with China and to facilitate cross-border investments to and from China. The collaboration aims to streamline global access to cost-effective, trusted legal, tax, and business solutions.

DaWo Law Firm is a fully licensed and registered Chinese law firm with a unique global background, comprised of internationally trained Chinese lawyers as well as foreign attorneys and counsels. The firm’s clients (like its lawyers) hail from all over the world, relying on DaWo for expert, effective legal assistance in China. The firm specializes in China market entry assistance, corporate law and transactions, dispute resolution, cyber law and data protection, labor matters, and intellectual property. DaWo also provides legal counsel to Chinese companies on their overseas investments.

ISFIN is a global advisory network active in 75 countries. It acts as a business facilitator between East and West, and boasts a deep knowledge of the Middle East, African, and Asian markets. The organization is composed of the most innovative and highly regarded independent law, audit, and accounting firms, and also offers off-market investment opportunities to savvy investors through its “deal room.”

“The timing for the launch if this collaboration makes full sense for us” says Snel: “China’s economy is gradually returning to normal as it can rely on its large domestic market which is still growing strong”. He further emphasized that: “even though the country’s borders remain essentially closed for business travel until now, due to the Covid measures, our lawyers have been working overtime to help our clients seize investment opportunities which have come up in recent months partly as a consequence of the Chinese government initiatives aimed at attracting more foreign investors and more foreign business.

Marlière also noted that “even though the Chinese outbound investment market is currently a bit slower because of Covid-19, expectations are that it will pick up as of next year again. Chinese sovereign and private investors are already looking at opportunities worldwide, while they are also eager to diversify their investment portfolios.”

“The key”, according to Marlière, “for any businesses right now, is to localize solutions and service offerings in order to “bypass” travel restrictions. China will almost certainly remain in partial lock down until at least the end of 2020. In this context, having multilingual legal talents based in China and capable of coordinating legal work overseas for Chinese clients is of remarkably high value. Our cooperation with DaWo Law Firm is paramount in this context.”