Non-Shanghai Vehicle Plate Restrictions

On October 24, the Shanghai Police issued a notice regarding expanded restrictions on vehicles bearing non-Shanghai plates (the “Notice”), aimed at easing traffic congestion in Shanghai.

According to the Notice, Vehicles bearing non-Shanghai plates will not be allowed to use many of the elevated roads in urban parts of Shanghai between 0700 and 2000 on workdays, starting from November 2, 2020.

Check out whether the Notice covers your daily route:

Yan’an Elevated Road, east of the Outer Ring Road Huaxia Elevated Road Hongmei Elevated Road from the Middle Ring Road to the Outer Ring Road
North-South Elevated Road, from Huma Road to Luban Overpass Luoshan Elevated Road Beidi Road Tunnel
Yixian Elevated Road Resort Elevated Road from the Middle Ring Road to Xiupu Road Nanpu Bridge
Humin Elevated Road Inner Ring Road (with exception) Lupu Bridge
Middle Ring Road Longdong Elevated Road from Luoshan Road to the Middle Ring Road Yan’an Road E. Tunnel

The Notice also applies to Vehicles with temporary plates, taxis without passengers, as well as cars driven by drivers under apprenticeship. In you breach the provisions of the Notice, penalties will be imposed in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

If you have any questions about how driving is regulated in Shanghai, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!