DaWo Academy Launches Two Legal Trainings (Dec. 4th/Dec. 18th)

Emma Caillère

Emma Calliere is the Business Development Manager for DaWo Academy


DaWo is excited to announce that two legal trainings for non-legal managers of DaWo Academy are now on the schedule. In cooperation with AmCham Shanghai, both events will be all-day trainings, and will be held at DaWo Law Firm’s Shanghai offices (address: Suite 20D, Crystal Century Plaza, No. 567 Weihai Road, Shanghai).

Below are brief introductions of the two trainings.

1.Employment Law & Company Restructuring – How to smoothly handle a company restructuring within the Chinese labor law framework?

Date: December 4th, 2020 (Friday)
Language: Chinese
Speaker: Maggie Jia, Partner, Head of Employment and Compliance Practice.

This training aims to provide some fundamental legal and practical knowledge regarding the employment related issues in relation to the restructuring of a company. With real cases and analysis sharing, the participants will gain the information and the understanding required to allow them to ensure a smooth restructuring operation.

Benefits for the participants:
-Participants start by learning the essentials of company law in regard to restructuring and the fundamental employment-related legal regulations and elements relevant to restructuring cases.
-Participants gain an understanding of the employment-related procedures in case of company restructuring, the importance of employee engagement and the key points of correctly handling employee relationship in restructuring situation.
-Through case studies, discussions and Q&A sections, participants will gain insights and skills related to employment issues in restructuring, and will be better-prepared when facing real restructuring.

Who should attend?
This training is aimed for managers in organizations planning or facing a restructuring regardless the company size. It is suitable for people in different management roles, who may need to gain fundamental employment-related legal knowledge, understand the procedures relevant to a restructuring and potential issues regarding employee relationship management to facilitate a smooth restructuring situation.

For more information and registration of the training, please refer to the link below:

2.Cybersecurity Compliance and Data Protection – How to approach your company’s cybersecurity self-assessment?

Date: December 18th, 2020 (Friday)
Language: English
Speaker: Nathaniel Rushforth, Cybersecurity & Data Counsel

This training will offer an overview of the current iteration of China’s cybersecurity compliance and data protection framework, narrowing down onto a discussion of the essential regulatory considerations for undertaking the data security self-assessments required for all network operators.

Attendees will leave the training with a ‘roadmap’ towards cybersecurity and data compliance in China and a working understanding of the Multi-Level Protection Scheme (MLPS) 2.0, which will be essential for evaluating their status and then effectively implementing internal compliance best practices.

Benefits for the participants:
-Participants start by learning the fundamentals of China’s cybersecurity framework and how it might impact their essential business functions.
-Participants gain an understanding of several key pieces of the framework which together make up the MLPS 2.0.
-Through case studies and small group discussions, participants will gain insights and skills necessary for evaluating their company’s data compliance footing and creating strategies to fill compliance gaps.

Who should attend?
Individuals with direct responsibility for data management (collection, processing, retention, transfer) within their company, including financial data, customer data, employee data, and more.

For more information and registration of the training, please refer to the link below:

We hope that you are interested in the above two topics, and will join those trainings with us.

DaWo Academy will continue to launch legal trainings for non-legal managers with different topics in different fields. If you would like to inquire about these trainings, or learn more about DaWo Academy in general, please feel free to contact DaWo Law Firm anytime.