DaWo Academy

Emma Caillère

Emma Calliere is the Business Development Manager for DaWo Academy


DaWo is excited to announce the launch of DaWo Academy, the firm’s newly inaugurated legal training program for non-legal managers. The program is designed for company executives and aims to provide them with essential skills and information to help them make informed decisions in relation to their daily work. At DaWo Academy participants will learn how to approach the legal intricacies of the various matters they are managing every day and navigate China’s increasingly complicated compliance and regulatory landscape.

During our two decades of providing legal services in China, DaWo has identified a vacuum in the legal training available to executives. High-level executives, managers and officers, except for those who studied law, receive little to no formal legal education during their year in college or at university. In addition, China’s legal framework for business has developed, and continues to develop, at such fast pace that is increasingly difficult to keep up, especially for managers who already extremely busy as it is. As formal legal training for career professionals is difficult to find and is inconsistent in quality, DaWo Law Firm has decided to strive to bridge this gap by providing legal training for non-legal managers.

With that mission in mind, DaWo Academy is structured in an interactive, business-oriented, and practical manner. The modules are tailored for groups of executives based on different job functions, offering both overviews of relevant laws and real-life case simulations. Following the keynotes and lectures, participants will have the chance to apply what they have learned by working on case studies in smaller groups. With the launch of this program we hope to contribute to raise the general understanding of law so that company executives learn to appreciate law as a powerful tool capable of creating value in their businesses, rather than just as an inevitable nuisance which must be overcome.

As DaWo Academy designs its modules based on job functions, our sample courses include training for Finance Managers, HR Managers, Tech & IT Managers, etc. This setup allows participants to acquire a holistic knowledge of relevant legal issues and step out of the boundaries of their immediate areas of expertise. For example, as an HR Director, you would not only need to grasp the details of Chinese employment provisions, but also be acquainted with certain aspects of Criminal Law, such as embezzlement prevention and white-collar crimes. If you would like to inquire more about these opportunities, or learn more about DaWo Academy in general, please feel free to contact DaWo Law Firm anytime.