Power Lunch Webinar Series: Part I From Business disruption to business adaptation

On July 9, 2020, we have officially started our Power Lunch webinar series.. The first part was dedicated to business disruption and corporate agility post COVID-19.

We had participants from Hongkong, Shanghai and Beijing as we cooperated with eight Chambers of Commerce. Moderator Carmen Bakas, Foreign Investment specialist at DaWo started off by mentioning the current changing corporate legal landscape in China. It seems that law is used as a tool to play a positive role in stabilizing the foreign investment market.

DaWo’s managing director Philippe Snel, gave us a deep insight into the unprecedented business disruption due to Covid-19, describing the regulatory measures introduced by the Chinese government followed by new regulations in areas of tax, intellectual property, commercial, corporate and immigration law. Also, the processes of reshaping companies’ structure by means of proclaiming bankruptcy, liquidation or restructuring were discussed, which led to a general conclusion of China’s recovering economy.

Last but not least Philippe discussed the opportunities and limitations present in the current situation related to travel bans for foreigners, selective ease of restrictions, and chances for arising businesses in China. The conclusion was that the crisis, although severe in consequences, may push Shanghai to a first-class financial hub.

Surely, staying put for the upcoming legal updates will allow us to get a better perspective on the upcoming changes.
We hope that you had a chance to be with us on this webinar and you enjoyed it as we did. 

If you have any questions related to new and upcoming regulations, do not hesitate to contact us directly by phone or email.