Coronavirus Emergency Measures Brief | Prevention & Control



Coronavirus Emergency Measures Brief | Prevention & Control

In order to ensure that your company is abiding by the Emergency Measures put in place by various governments at all relevant levels in application of the Level 1 emergency response plan, it is recommended to apply the following measures aimed at preventing uncontrolled spread of the virus when workers resume work at their regular workplaces.

  1. Conduct a survey of all employees, inquiring about their general health, their current location and past travel destinations during the holiday, as well as the incidental contacts they may have had during the holidays with individuals who may have contracted the coronavirus. All employees should be requested to complete and sign a form providing responses to the above listed questions both for themselves and for their immediate family members living with them.


  1. Send a detailed notice to all employees informing them about the specific measures put in place at the workplace in accordance with the Emergency Measures and specify the dates on which the employees are expected to return to work. Also, identify the managers responsible for the implementation of the Emergency Measures in the company and instruct all employees to strictly abide by the measures in place and directives given by their managers.


  1. Where possible, work spaces shall be cleaned and disinfected by a qualified agent prior to work resumption.


  1. Provide equipment allowing for the measurement of the body temperatures of all employees and any other person who will access the work premises after work resumption. Should any person’s body temperature exceed 37,5°C, they should be prevented from entering the workplace and directed to the nearest medical care unit.


  1. Maintain a detailed log of all employees and visitors who enter the work premises, indicating the precise identity of the employee and visitor and his/her contact details. Avoid or limit visits or meetings with external visitors to those that are strictly essential for business purposes, and use alternative online solutions where possible.


  1. Require all employees and any person entering the work premises to wear face masks at all time and to regularly wash hands.


  1. Instruct all employee to avoid crowded public places as much as possible and when possible organize private transportation for all employees from and to work.


  1. Instruct employees to cooperate with the property management companies of the work place, to register names, sources, contact information and other information (if required).


  1. Properly protect personal information collected from employee or any person entering into the work premises


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