RSVP: Power Lunch Webinars – A Post COVID-19 Legal Update

DaWo is pleased to announce that we are partnering with the Belgium-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong to offer a 3-piece webinar Power Lunch Series. The webinar series will be held on July 9th, 15th, and 23rd, and is designed to offer an update on the current corporate legal landscape in China. Each webinar will be comprised of an introduction, a brief speaking slot, and time for Q&A.


1. Business Disruption & Covid
Jul 9 2020 (12pm-1pm)

This webinar will cover the current business environment in China, primarily with respect to the massive disruption of business due to Covid-19. Subjects will include bankruptcy, liquidation, and reorganization.

Speaker Info: Philippe Snel is the Managing Director of DaWo Law Firm Shanghai and a member of the Brussels Bar. He has been active as a business lawyer in China for over 15 years. He mainly advises on corporate law, compliance, and technology transfer.


2. Data Compliance Developments
Jul 15 2020 (12pm-1pm)

This webinar will cover recent developments related to data protection in China, including updates to China’s cybersecurity framework, issues surrounding personal information protection related to Covid-19 contact tracing, and the new Civil Code.

Speaker Info: Nate Rushforth is a Cybersecurity & Data Compliance Specialist at DaWo. He is a US-qualified attorney with a background in computer science & engineering.


3. The Hainan Free Trade Port (FTP)
Jul 23, 2020 (12pm-1pm)

This webinar will cover the latest policies related to the Hainan FTP. Topics include the impact of the FTP on China’s economic development post-Covid, as well as foreign investment opportunities in the FTP, with a comparison to the Shanghai Free Trade Zone and Hong Kong, the long-standing separate customs territory.

Speaker Info: Gan Wang is a partner at DaWo in charge of the firm’s Corporate & Tax practice. As a Chinese attorney and a member of the China Certified Tax Agents Association, he has extensive experiences with foreign direct investment in China, Chinese outbound investment, cross-border M&A, and Sino-foreign joint-ventures.


4. Moderator: Carmen Bakas
Carmen Bakas is a Dutch qualified lawyer with extensive international corporate experiences, having previously practiced in various jurisdictions, including the US and Singapore. She is also an Associate Professor of International Investment Law at Fudan University, Shanghai. She will be the moderator for the Power Lunch Series, and will also be available during Q&A.

If you’d like to know more about webinar series or the topics covered above, please feel free to get in touch with DaWo Law Firm.