RRR : Strategies to Navigate the Evolving Cyber & Data Landscape in China (Sept. 18th)

Last Friday, DaWo was proud to host its first in a series of Risk, Resilience, and Reputation breakfast meetings. The RRR series will bring together interested executives, across a variety of industries and home countries, to hear expert speakers and take part in timely and productive discussions on issues affecting our businesses and lives in China.

The inaugural RRR Breakfast featured Nate Rushforth, DaWo’s Cyber and Data law specialist, and Oscar Wang, a Managing Director and Head of Shanghai at Teneo. Nate and Oscar offered their take on the rapid evolution of China’s cybersecurity compliance framework and the country’s entire cyber and data landscape, from both legal and communications perspectives.

Nate touched on several subjects, including recent updates and additions to China’s cybersecurity legislation, as well as how to handle a cybersecurity incident and recent enforcement actions. Of primary importance among these were the Personal Information Security Specification, coming into effect on October 1, 2020, and the Multi-Level Protection Scheme 2.0 (MLPS 2.0), effective this year. These parts of China’s cyber and data framework are crucial for companies to consider when doing business in China, laying out various cross-industry and industry-specific technical standards for handling networked resources and data.

Oscar then spoke about the overall communications landscape in China and the various geopolitical considerations that companies must address when doing business here. He also narrowed down onto the reputational risks associated with compliance (and non-compliance) with China’s various cybersecurity rules.

After the speakers, the 20 executives and consultants in attendance shared their experiences and discussed some of the difficulties and solutions for addressing these cutting edge topics. Bottom line – local and international companies now face unprecedented risks that call for robust preparedness and agile strategy.

If you have any questions about the cyber and data issues Nate discussed, please don’t hesitate to reach out to him directly at nathaniel.rushforth@dawo-lf.com.

We are also open to topic suggestions for RRR Breakfasts going forward. We look forward to hearing from you!