Upcoming Event: DaWo Book Club

DaWo Book Club is now in session!

Emerson said: “When I am reading, I am willing to stay in front of every wonderful thought, just like staying in front of every truth.”

We at DaWo love our work of course.

But we also love learning, love reading, and love sharing.

We decided to turn our good wishes into actions and let our thoughts collide and sparkle with a reading and sharing activity.

The first book one of our colleagues will share is The Case Of The Speluncean Explorers

The plot: five cave explorers are trapped in the cave and running out of water and food, nearing exhaustion; in order to survive they all agree to sacrifice one person (who will be eaten) to save the remaining four; they will draw lots to decide who will be sacrificed. Whetmore was the proponent of this plan but just before the draw he has withdrawn his proposal; the other four still insist on proceeding and of course Whetmore’s name was drawn. After being rescued, the four people were charged with murder…

The debate: If everyone agrees to draw lots to sacrifice one person to save the others of a certain death, will you participate? Should the four people be prosecuted and eventually sentenced to death for homicide? Why?

How does the book answers these questions?

Join us on September 24, 2021 (19:00-21:00) at DaWo offices, for a pleasant evening, a collision of ideas and opinions tainted with some legal background. We are looking forward to welcome you!

This activity is limited to maximum 15 participants to ensure that everyone can share and participate. We will be speaking mostly Chinese but you are welcome to express yourself in English as well if you prefer.

Please click here to register: The first session of DaWo Reading Club: The Case Of The Speluncean Explorers