DaWo Adds Legal Expertise to the Consortium-Cn.eu

DaWo is very proud to be a founding member of the Consortium-cn.eu which brings together several entrepreneurs and businesses in China and Europe with extensive experience sourcingbuying, and expediting products from China. With the COVID-19 pandemic spreading throughout Europe, the purpose for the Consortium-cn.eu is to connect manufacturers of medical products in China with end users in Europe in the most transparent and efficient manner possible. DaWo was able to provide crucial assistance to the Consortium and to several European buyers by :
  • Providing  legal audits of suppliers and their certifications;
  • Ensuring verification of local standards and their equivalents in Europe;
  • Monitoring and confirming compliance with customs requirements;
  • Providing joint declarations of exporters and importers.
If you want to learn more about the Consortium, do not hesitate to contact them: info@consortium-cn.eu or check their website www.consortium-cn.eu