Criminal Liability in China: How to stay out of trouble!

Xing Hu

Xing HU is a partner, in charge of the firm’s Criminal Practice. She also specializes in International Commercial and Civil Law. After graduating with a bachelor degree in law from Xiamen University, Xing pursued her studies in France and holds a master’s degree in International Law from Pantheon Assas Paris II, and a master’s degree in International Commercial Law from Nanterre Paris-X. She passed the China Bar Examination in 2010.

DaWo is very honored to co-host an upcoming event with Shanghai Accueil to discuss about the civil and criminal liability of foreigners in China on October 20.

About the Lecture

No one is supposed to ignore the law! However, it is not always easy to know exactly what the Chinese law prescribes, especially for a foreigner living and/or working in China. In fact, it is possible that you or your family members have already broken laws or regulations without even knowing it, or without being aware of the seriousness of the responsibilities incurred.

This lecture will mainly focus on Chinese criminal law and explain how the criminal justice system works. Numerous examples will be described illustrating the risks incurred in terms of professional liability, public behaviour, parental responsibility for minor children, etc.

The lecture will be in French,

About the Speaker

This lecture will be given by Ms HU Xing, a partner at Da Wo Law Firm. Ms HU Xing is specialized in corporate law, commercial law, foreign investment law, international civil law and criminal law with more than 10 years of experiences. She is also the Legal Counsel of the French Consulate General in Shanghai since 2017

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Relevant trainings are now available!

DaWo is also providing legal training program specifically designed for consular officers and agents of foreign representations who, as part of their tasks, are regularly providing consular support services to foreign nationals residing in China.

The aim is to provide the officers and agents with a comprehensive understanding of the Chinese legal framework applicable to most of the “consular cases” they are liable to handle during their tenure in China.

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