Philippe Snel and Gan Wang to Speak at Bencham about Outbound Investment

On Wednesday this week from 1530-1800, Philippe Snel and Gan Wang will be at Bencham discussing some issues that have been coming up a lot recently: challenges facing outbound Chinese investors in Europe.

What we have been seeing lately is that, even against the backdrop of an overall slowdown in China’s economic growth and total outbound investment volume, China’s direct investment in Europe is increasing remarkably. But why is this? Why do Chinese investors look to Europe instead of elsewhere? Can we attribute this to favorable macro-economics, laws, tax policies, culture, or a confluence of these that deserves a closer look? What are some of the challenges that Chinese investors must overcome in Europe?

Gan and Philippe will offer their insights on these questions and others facing Chinese investors in Europe during the Wednesday panel.

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Language: Chinese / 中文