Carmen Bakas

Phone Number: +86 136 6170 8548

Carmen Bakas is an international corporate lawyer with over 25 years of legal practice in Amsterdam, London, Singapore, Mumbai, Houston and Shanghai. She holds a double master’s degree of law from Leiden University, The Netherlands, and is qualified as a Dutch lawyer. Carmen also studied English corporate law. Prior to moving to Shanghai, China and joining Da Wo Law Firm as Of Counsel, Carmen worked at firms in Houston, Texas, U.S.A., and served as an associate professor of International Contracting at the University of Houston Law Center. She currently teaches at the law faculty of Fudan University, Shanghai, and has earned academic tenure.

Carmen has extensive experience in multiple jurisdictions and in various industries, including energy and finance. She was appointed as a substitute judge in the Netherlands. Carmen is passionate pertaining to the rule of law. She regularly speaks at conferences about creating awareness and understanding of legal empowerment.

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