Terms of Use for DaWo’s Website

Terms of Use for DaWo’s Website

The website of DaWo Law Firm Shanghai (hereinafter “DaWo” or “we”) is duly registered under PRC Law and carries the appropriate ICP registration. These Terms of Use provide information about DaWo’s terms governing your access to the information and features on our website. These Terms of Use should be read in conjunction with DaWo’s Privacy and Cookies Policies, which are integral parts of these Terms of Use. Your use of any of the information and features on this website constitutes your consent to these Terms of Use, and all the appended parts or amendments, including the Privacy and Cookies Policies.

The DaWo Law Firm Shanghai website provides information related to DaWo’s services and personnel, informational updates on Chinese law, etc. All material on this website is provided solely for your convenience and does not constitute legal advice or opinion of any sort. That includes the legal briefings that DaWo posts as our news updates, the frequently-asked-questions on our ready-made service product pages, and all other material found on our website. DaWo is not responsible for any consequence of any action that you, as a natural or legal person, might take that relies upon any information you might have obtained on this website. Likewise, successful cases in the past that DaWo presents on this website should only serve to exemplify our capabilities. They are not a guarantee of future outcomes should you approach us with a similar case. If you wish to receive legal advice, please make an appointment with us through the appropriate channels.

With the exceptions of DaWo’s ready-made services that you may initiate through our website, or unless otherwise noted, no form of contact that you may have with DaWo Law Firm Shanghai through the functions on this website may be interpreted as constituting an attorney-client relationship. While DaWo will treat any information you willingly provide us as confidential out of ethical and professional obligations, please keep in mind that your contact with DaWo Law Firm Shanghai through this website is not privileged under an attorney-client relationship.

With the exception of images for articles, or unless otherwise noted, all material on this website are copyrighted by DaWo Law Firm Shanghai. Under no circumstances can you, or the company or organization that you are part of, use or reproduce any material on DaWo’s website, except for personal or internal use that is non-commercial and not for profit. If you wish to use any of the material on DaWo’s website in whole or in part, you may only do so with proper prior consent from DaWo Law Firm Shanghai.

DaWo does not ask you to disclose any personal or business information to visit this website. However, you may voluntarily provide us with information to initiate our ready-made services or make an inquiry through the contact form. Some features of this website might include functions embedded from and powered by third-party providers. For more information on how DaWo handles the information you share with us either directly or through a third-party provider, please refer to the Privacy and Cookies Policies.