Iris Qi

Ms. Iris Qi serves as a longstanding legal advisor to numerous foreign investment enterprises, aiding in various daily legal affairs within corporate governance. Her expertise spans contract review, compliance consultation, corporate restructuring, labor relations management, intellectual property management, unfair competition, and tax advisory services. With a focus on tailored legal solutions, Ms. Qi provides assistance in mergers, acquisitions, and other transactions, conducting due diligence, offering transaction-related tax advice, providing pre-tax consultation for cross-border investments, and handling specialized tax restructuring.

With extensive experience in resolving civil and commercial disputes, Ms. Qi collaborates with overseas lawyers in managing cross-border transactions or dispute resolutions. Moreover, she possesses unique experience in real estate transactions and offers advice for personal wealth succession, excelling in various foreign exchange operations.

Ms. Qi has also successfully passed the National Unified Certified Public Accountants Examination, further enhancing her professional credentials.

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